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Pet Iguana Care

In the last two decades, having a pet iguana has become very popular in the US and, in fact, all over the world. Yet, iguanas area bit different to care for then your average dog or cat and all pet owners, no matter what kind of pet they have, need to know their pets’ habits, needs and requirements.

When it comes to iguana care, you need to keep in mind that these are reptiles coming from exotic and tropical habitats to a different, western way of living, you need to have knowledge of their habits and care needs so as to help them adjust to the new world and environment.

Although we are all very enthusiastic about our pets when first taking them, if we don’t know what we are dealing with, we might quickly become disappointed, especially when it comes to pets other than cats and dogs. In some cases, education and knowledge are the best weapons to prevent problems like these.

Healthy Pet Iguana

Healthy Pet Iguana Care

The first fact you should keep in mind before buying a pet iguana is that they live up to 15 years when in captivity and they can get up to 6 feet. They have some specifications in their diet, which refer mostly to the avoidance of particular foods rich in toxins and acidic ingredients. Iguanas are vegetarians, or at least should be if you want them to be with you for long.

Iguanas are wild animals and this is something that their owners should always remember. Even though they are very popular pets, they can still injure their owners if not properly handled, so it’s important to keep that in mind always. Their price is reasonable, mostly because there are farm raised iguanas in all South America, and their health status is good as long as the conditions in the farms are good.

Iguanas are folivore reptiles, which means that are fed with leaves; they don’t chew their food but swallow it, that is why the amount and size should be small. They are known not to be able to process complicated foods so do not try to give them “people” food. Veggies and greenery is needed, but in any case consult with a vet so as to know the exact amounts and kinds – feeding your iguana the right foods is critical to proper iguana care.

Iguanas are supposed to live in warm environments, because that helps them in their digestion and overall well being. It is very important to provide them with the proper warmth that is why there are heating devices specifically for iguanas. Their habitat has to be warm and also humid, so you need to adjust the quantity of water and heat. Iguanas are friendly as pets, although they cannot have the same attitude or behavior like cats and dogs. In any case though they are easy to care for, once you know their secrets.